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Commercial Litho and Digital Printing Services, Nationwide


Terminology Used in Estimates or Final Artwork


A4, A5 etc. If you have a cover or text which opens out (6pp), it is best to give us both the flat size of that sheet plus the finished (closed size).


Number of pages or leaves.

Leaves are single sheets i.e. if printed one side of a sheet this is 1pp or if printed both sides this would be 2pp.

Covers should be specified separately and not included in the total number of pages for the product.


In what format will you be providing the origination material to us? If unstated, we will assume PDF files, this is an area where customers can go wrong. If you are using an unusual piece of software, please ensure that we are able to use it to print from. For example:

  • Powerpoint is not a printers' programme.
  • A word document with 4 colour elements is difficult to re-create and can give poor results.
Colours Black only, 4 colour, spot colour/s (this may be a corporate colour).

Gloss /Silk (i.e. coated papers) or offset (uncoated). If you are unsure, we can always provide samples/dummies.

The vast majority of the stocks we use are FSC accredited, if you would like to take advantage of the use of a logo on your product, please tell us before you place the order or produce artwork, so that we can provide you with the correct logo to place.

Finishing Single leaves; stitched; perfect bound (glued at spine); case bound (i.e. books)
Other finishing

Drilled (usually used for papers to be held in a binder).

Matt or gloss laminated (a sheet of film which gives a matt or gloss finish), can only be used to finish the whole sheet.

UV Varnish, similar result to lamination, but a liquid is used. This can also be used to highlight certain areas rather than overall on sheet (i.e. Spot UV Varnish a company logo).

Blind embossing – used to raise text/picture proud of the material.

Foil blocking – silver or gold for example (other colours are available).


Do you want us to distribute your product via the mail?

Do you want us to use envelopes or polythene?

Is the item personalised in anyway?

Do you know which service is required - first or second class? Alternatively, we can advise you on the cheaper methods.

Do you have your own account or would you require us to use ours?


How many will you require?


If you are unsure of the final quantity required we can give you a base price and

then a run-on figure, this figure is based on printing at the same time as the main

quantity and should not be confused with a reprint price i.e. 100 copies @ £50.00 with

10 copies at a run-on price of £5.00 would be £60.00 if you ordered 120 copies.