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Guidelines For Sending in Artwork

1. Supply final finished PDFs of pages as single pages and not as either printer's pairs or spreads. Due to the nature of imposition, pages are not placed numerically but in a non-sequential manner. PDFs can be supplied as single file documents OR single pages within a complete document.

2. When importing documents/text to page make up programs check text is changed to black. Many PC (word etc) texts become four-colour black when imported. This is almost impossible to spot before plating and can cause registration issues, especially on small type areas. If we have to re-plate extra charges could be incurred.

3. Folders: Please ensure that folders are supplied with a cutter form in a spot colour. It is especially useful with four-colour artwork ensuring that the cutter form guides are not out of any or a combination of (i.e. registration colour) the CMYK process. Please also ensure that TRIMS are included on the artwork as the guide does not go through for printing and the print operators require marks and trims for registration.

Furthermore, folders, which are printed on the reverse/inside, the inner artwork needs to be positioned exactly as it would appear on the folder when flat.

4. PDF pages should be centred on a page with trim marks. i.e. not to one edge or top/bottom

5. ANY revisions made to supplied pages and re-supplied should be clearly marked as a revision, i.e. page 1 revised or covers V2 or pages NEW. Numbering or dating revised pages is helpful.

6. Perfect Bound jobs and images across pages. Allowance needs to be made for the spine, this is particularly the case with the inside back cover where there is an extra gluing margin needed.